The Science of Permanent Weight Loss is a Fischel Group company. We are dedicated to the idea that diets don’t work. The only thing that will achieve permanent weight loss, without starving yourself, is a fundamental change in your attitude toward food.

Sara Dawson

Hi, my name is Sara Dawson. I am proud to be working with The Fischel Group to bring you this important, scientifically based, healthy lifestyle program. If you are one of those Americans who struggles with your weight, have been on the yo-yo treadmill for what seems like forever, you are in the right place. My own background is in nutritional health. In my latest role, I have a robust, private counseling program where I work with a small number of individuals to guide them in keeping a healthy lifestyle. That work takes up much of my time, so much so that I thought that there must be a way to bring my ideas to a larger group of people for a reasonable price. In talking with Roger Fischel, the genius behind The Fischel Group, one afternoon at Starbucks, he invited me to join his group in order to reach out to a broader audience. I did and so The Science of Permanent Weight Loss was born. 

I am committed to YOU in three powerful ways.
1. Our exclusive eBook The Science of Permanent Weight Loss and the four bonus gifts of recipes that will satisfy your taste buds while keeping you healthy.
2. Our blog on The Science of Permanent Weight Loss with articles that are current. We only publish blog articles that are scientifically based. No crackpot diet ideas here.
3. Our exclusive subscription list where we share more than what is publically available on our blog. Still based on nutritional science and state of the art information, just more in depth.
Our approach is simple. And we know it works because before we decided to move in this direction, we tried it ourselves. The entire company committed to a year of following our own advice and the results were dramatic.
Because we follow the program ourselves, we know it works. We are also certain it will work for you.